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“TWO John Leguizamos?

The recent electronic press kit for Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (trailer here) is out.  In it, Werner Herzog says:

“When you look at America at this time, in a way it felt right: do the darkest film imaginable,” […]
“I’m someone who has no idea what drugs do to you [Ed. – make your films more funny, for one thing],” he said regarding the film’s excessive drug use. “So I had to ask the writer [Ed.- who is, Werner added, “a huuuge basehead”] and more competent people, ‘what does it do to you?’ So I had to be advised. In a way I don’t really care that much.” […] “I’ve never seen a film with excessive use of drugs, I do not see that many films” [theplaylist]

You’re missing out, Herzog.  I see films with an excessive use of drugs all the time.  I mean, I have to. Ever tried watching The Spirit while sober?  Can’t be done.  There’s another quote I’ll place below because it might be a spoiler.  Also below are the first photos from the set (most of them courtesy of Collider).  I especially liked this one of Werner with the director of photography.  I dare you to trash his lights.

Does Herzog spoil the film (careful now) when he says, “I don’t care about this kind of definition, who is ‘good,’ who is ‘bad.’ Actually, his real evil, his real bad behavior solves an almost unsolvable case. He gets a result. He brings the murderers to justice, but he does it in very unusual ways.” [Ed.- Catapults?  Oh please let it be catapults.]  Does this thing even need a plot? Just yell, “action” and watch Nic Cage go nuts, right? It probably matters little if that actually is a spoiler. [theplaylist]

~ robopanda

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