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05.02.08 31 Comments

Not to be outdone by Towelhead, the Duplass Brothers recently released the trailer (after the jump) for their upcoming film Baghead, which premiered at Sundance.  The Duplass Brothers, as any hipster on Wikipedia can tell you, previously wrote, directed, and produced The Puffy Chair, one of the most important films of the mumblecore movement.

Baghead is a Blair Witch-ish comedy about four actor friends who take a weekend trip to shoot an independent film about a killer with a bag over his head, when a scary guy with a bag over his head shows up (what a coincidence!).  Says /Film, "It’s part horror, part comedy, part lampoon [hee hee, "lamb poon" – Ed.] of the mumblecore sub-genre the Duplass Brothers helped bring into popularity."

In a related story, your mother’s so ugly she has to put a bag over her head before she masturbates.

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