Barbarians, shirtless dudes, sword fights & McNulty

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08.02.10 17 Comments

I’m posting this latest clip from Centurion after the jump as a special treat for all the ladies who want to see a shirtless Michael Fassbender (Michael F. Assbender) run through a forest.  That he’s also bound at the wrists is just the icing on the beef cake.  Man, anyone else hungry all of a sudden?

Centurion (trailer here) opens August 27th, but it’s doing that thing where you can watch it on OnDemand early, so that one could even watch it now, if one were so inclined. It’s director Neil Marshall’s fourth movie.  I loved his The Descent, but his follow up, Doomsday, looked like a car pornier version of Mad Max.  As for this one, aside from the lame fashion-model-plays-a-dangerous-killer cliché, I’m intrigued.  Probably my two favorite shows are Rome and The Wire, and here we’ve got McNulty playing a Roman.  Add a subplot about how drinking whiskey helps you solve crimes (now that’s my kind of wish-fulfillment), and I might slip into my very own Inception-like happiness coma.

[via ComingSoon]

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