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07.22.08 57 Comments

Christian Bale was arrested on allegations of assaulting his 61-year-old mother Jenny and 40-year-old sister Sharon on Tuesday, stemming from a complaint they made saying Bale had assaulted them on Sunday at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

Despite the alleged incident and report, the 34-year-old Bale was allowed to attend the first European screening of the new Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight in London’s West End on Monday night uninterrupted.

"He currently remains in custody." [Telegraph]

I had to read the story a couple times to make sure it was actually his mother and sister he was accused of assaulting.  It would be way cooler if Christian Bale was about to beat the shit out of some guy and his mom and sister were forced to go to the police to stop him because he was such a hardass.  That sounds way more Batmanly.  “Batman’s angry!  Call in the National Guard!”  Sadly, this sounds more like the kind of family tiff that happens in Arkansas when there’s not enough meth to go around.  Reality sucks.

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