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10.27.08 25 Comments

Michael Bay admires his new artwork

A while back I reported that Universal Studios was building a Transformers ride, for which they claimed to be collaborating with Michael Bay.  Michael Bay recently denied involvement with the project on his official website, in the kind of blurb that shows what a comedic genius Michael Bay would be if he were a little more self aware.

The Transformer Ride at Universal making all the press rounds – not sure yet – they had me in a press release saying I supported it – but Universal has a long way to go in my mind. I don’t support it yet – I’m not involved and not sure the story of the ride works, and I know Optimus is not going to just show up to be directed by some new people that have never worked with him. I hate when people bullshit a quote from me that I never said.
I’ll keep you informed. Maybe the guy making the rides at Universal will direct Transformers 3????

He used four question marks there so he must be pretty skepticle.  “The Viper has nine teardrop loops, a 50-story freefall and a corkscrew turn, but what really makes it is the story.  Why am I hurtling around this steel track?  What is my motivation?  What is this Viper looking for?  See, I know Optimus Prime.  I’ve worked with Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime is one of my closest friends.  This ride, sir, is no Optimus Prime.  Repeat, I did not approve this.  This is a sham, phony, pure Baykery.”

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