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09.10.09 24 Comments

I saw an early version of Black Dynamite, and though the last half sorta sucked, I’d still recommend it because the first half is the best spoof since Naked Gun or Airplane!. And because they sent me this t-shirt and novelty pen shaped like a syringe.  My love of free t-shirts aside, they’ve had such an awesome marketing campaign that it’ll almost be a shame when the movie comes out next month, especially for all my cats, who lose their appetite when I walk around shirtless.  Anyway, here’s some new clips from the “Fight Smack in the Orphanage” campaign, plus the new trailer below (which I wouldn’t recommend watching unless you want some of the best lines ruined).  If Michael Jai White doesn’t become the next big star from this, I’m going to Karate chop three gingers a day, chosen at random, until Hollywood complies with my demands.  *menacingly ties drawstring on sweatpants*

Viral Clip 2 – Drugs

Viral Clip 3 — Chocolate Giddy Up – NSFW for titties

Black Dynamite trailer

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