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09.14.09 30 Comments

The newest trailer for Twilight Saga: New Moon premiered at the MTV Whatever it was this time awards last night, and it looks like they’re targeting the male demographic with this one.  This latest trailer is more plot driven and less meaningful-glance driven, and it looks pretty ridiculous — in, dare I say it, a good way.

Edward sends Bella away so the vampire police don’t hurt her, driving her straight into the greasy ethnic arms of a chiseled werewolf.  She also notices that the only time she sees Edward is during near-death experiences. SO, she becomes an ADRENALINE JUNKIE who takes to doing EXTREME MOTORCYCLE STUNTS, and CLIFF JUMPING. OOH WHAA-AA AA-AAH!  Then she almost drowns, but is saved by… A GHOST LIFEGUARD!! *singing Baywatch theme*  Soooome people stand, in the darkness/afraid to step intooooo the liiiight…. Cuz I’m always reeeady/I won’t let you out of myyy siiight… (eerie how well that applies here, isn’t it?*)  But then Edward thinks Bella’s dead, so he runs off to pull some Romeo & Juliet sh’t.  And then there’s, like, some chick with a scarf, and then THE WEREWOLVES COME!  And Edward gets CHOKE SLAMMED!!!  Oh man, this is gonna be the best movie since xXx: State of the Union!

*Seriously though, if you play the Twilight trailer above and the Baywatch intro below at the same time and watch the muted Twilight trailer while the Baywatch song plays, it totally syncs up like Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd.

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