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07.10.09 31 Comments

So yesterday, I brought you the trailer for MVP: Most Vertical Primate, as part of my ongoing Forgotten Classics coverage.  Specifically, I identified the performance of airpunching guy, aka The Last Airpuncher, who, between the 4 and 6 second marks of the trailer, managed to steal the entire movie.  And even though I was too lazy to make a .gif animation myself, a kind soul named Ted was nice enough to do it for me.  And… it’s glorious.  He. Just. Keeps. Punching. The Air.  Look at him. He’s amazing.  He must be a method actor. He was probably doing that all week, suffering for his art in the way of dizziness and rotator cuff injuries.  Can anyone identify this fine thespian?  He must be singled out, and awarded the FilmDrunk metal of honor.  That’s right, I spelled it metal, and it wasn’t an accident.  Unlike your sister.  (*pushes a monkey in the goal, punches air*)

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