Birds Instigate Epic Catfight (& Links)

11.30.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

Is this footage from John Woo’s new movie?  I think it might be footage from the new John Woo movie.


News related to tight underpants. |UproxxNews|

Leslie Nielsen’s contributions to sports comedy. |WithLeather|

Some chick arrested for illegally putting caulk in people’s butt. Can’t. Stop. Laughing. |WarmingGlow|

Is this the desk of the future? |GammaSquad|

“Here I Am” – Review Of Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday |SmokingSection|

Taiwanimation explains the Wikileaks scandal. |GorillaMask|

This painting, “Kitty Kitty”, may haunt your nightmares. |TheDailyWhat|

Sexiest man (we think) alive spotted on the F train. |NYCBarstoolSports|

Pictured: In North Korea, sometimes Kim Jong Il just appears through a trap door to eat your food.  It’s part of their constitution.  |viaTheChive|

4 attempts to overcome the subtle butt gas neutralizers. |HolyTaco|

Trailer for new Fox cartoon Bob’s Burgers. |ScreenJunkies|

Six Movies that Make You Question Your Grip on Reality |UnrealityMag|

The Best (or Worst?) Of Hipsters |Gunaxin|

Guess The Movies That Featured These Really Fake Computer Screens |BroBible|

The most unflattering screengrabs from Chuck. |Pajiba|

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