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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince topped the box office, earning $159.7 mil in five days, making it the best start of all the Potter movies and the sixth highest 5-day gross of all time.  It also broke a foreign box office record with $237 mil in 54 countries.  But this is America, we don’t care about that.

[Pictured: Some vandals dorks in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin have spread Harry Potter fever to the city’s stop signs.  I’d assume they had something better to do but it was either this or butter sculpting.]

Elsewhere, Brüno dropped almost 73% in its second weekend, which is a shame because I saw it and wasn’t disappointed in the least (a talking urethra, people!).  It fell to number four and though it’ll earn out, it’s not going to pull Borat numbers.  Meanwhile, The Hangover is a phenomenon at this point, staying at number five in its seventh week of release (Up is the only other movie in the top 10 that’s been out longer, at eight weeks) and grossing almost $236 million total.  And lastly, I Love You Beth Cooper is almost out of the top ten with just $2.7 million, which is $2.7 million more than that flaming diarrhea deserves.  Full top 10 after the jump.

Film Three Day Per Screen Total
1 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince $79,475,000 $18,376 $159,662,000
2 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs $17,700,000 (-35.9%) $4,637 $152,005,000
3 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen $13,750,000 (-43.2%) $3,565 $363,867,000
4 Bruno $8,374,000 (-72.7%) $3,035 $49,588,000
5 The Hangover $8,315,000 (-16.3%) $3,118 $235,882,000
6 The Proposal $8,294,000 (-21.8%) $2,726 $128,087,000
7 Public Enemies $7,592,000 (-45.0%) $2,435 $79,483,000
8 Up $3,147,000 (-33.3%) $1,845 $279,559,000
9 My Sister’s Keeper $2,825,000 (-34.2%) $1,436 $41,504,000
10 I Love You Beth Cooper $2,665,000 (-45.8%) $1,424 $10,261,000

[Source: CHUD, BoxOfficeMojo]

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