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Birthday Dog just wants to fit in

Rolling Stone is reporting that Body of Lies, the DiCaprio-Russell Crowe joint opening October 10th, will feature “If the World”, a song off decades-in-the-making Guns N Roses album Chinese Democracy.

The track features the guitar work of Gn’R guitarist Robin Finck, as well as Buckethead, who left the band in 2004. The song plays during the closing credits of the movie, but it won’t appear on the soundtrack album. It will be the second official release of a Chinese Democracy track, as “Shackler’s Revenge” is included in the new Rock Band 2 game. A source has told Rolling Stone that Guns n’ Roses has reserved a November 25th date for the possible release of the album, which will be a Best Buy exclusive.

Yeah, don’t hold your breath.  For his part, Axl Rose held a press conference saying, “I’m very proud of the new album, and I’m happy one of our songs could be included in Body of Lie ayayayayayayiees, k-k-kies, k-k-k-k-kies, oh yeeeaaaeaayeaah ah yeaaah ah yeeaah,” before diving into the crowd to punch out a woman who’d taken his picture.

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