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12.18.09 33 Comments

By popular demand, here’s the trailer for The Bounty Hunter, starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, from director Andy Tennant, previously of Fool’s Gold, Hitch, and Sweet Home Alabama.  The plot is very complicated, so try to keep up: Gerard Butler’s character… is a bounty hunter.  He has to track down… are you still with me?  …his ex-girlfriend.  And get this, his ex-girlfriend is played by… Jennifer Aniston.   You catch all that?  Phew, I feel like this needs a Cliff’s Notes or something with all those twists and turns.

Side note: Have you noticed a weird trend lately where every rom-com deals with a guy falling back in love with his ex?  This one, It’s Complicated, Fool’s Gold, Ghost of Girlfriends Past — I feel like there’s a Slate article or Sociology Thesis here.  I’d write a rom-com about rekindling my own past relationships, but I don’t think anyone wants to see a guy fall for a pile of rocks in the desert.

(“Alright, alright, I’ll do it.  Just tell me what time to show up and I’ll be there.  But I want honey-roasted almonds this time.  You catch that?  Write it down.  If I get there and all there is is trailmix, I’m f-ckin leaving.”)

UPDATE: Somehow I missed this the first time around, but as GlennBeckhasAIDS points out, this falls into that illustrious group of “Films With Nut Shots in the Trailer.” (2:25) Know who loves nutshots in a trailer? You guessed it, your mom.

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