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09.11.08 54 Comments

Brett Ratner recently confirmed to E! that he’s still planning to team up with Eddie Murphy for the most fantastically shitty piece of shit in the history of shit Beverly Hills Cop 4.  Ratner plans to bring back not only Axel Foley, but also the original theme song.

Composer-producer Harold Faltermeyer’s synth-pop theme will get an update, but not too much. “Why change that song?” Ratner says.

Exactly.  In fact, why change anything?  If Brett Ratner’s on the project nothing you do’s gonna matter much.  Might as well go with whatever’s easiest.

Ratner goes so far as to say that one of the “biggest problems” with director Michael Mann’s movie adaptation of Miami Vice with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx in 2006 was the missing iconic theme song.

“I said to [Mann], ‘Why didn’t you have it?’ ” Ratner says. “He said, ‘We’re doing something new.’ [I said], ‘That’s like doing Mission Impossible without the theme song.'”

Don’t adjust your computer, you read that right.  The guy who directed Money Talks really did try to give advice to the guy who did Last of the Mohicans.  This reminds me of the time I followed Tiger Woods at the U.S. Open.  “Hit the 5-iron, you faggot!” I’d scream.

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