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This guy made Bumblebee from Transformers out of a KFC bucket.  I think it’s best to let him speak for himself.

When I was in Grade 4 in 1988, the Transformers appeared. It’s no doubt a precious house to a child, especially in an age of entertainment-lacking. I’m lost and enjoying myself among the sounds of transforming, KUKUKAKA. I got accustomed to every characters and every events.

Every Saturday evening, watching Transforming program was the most precious time I was longing for during the week. I would like to buy everything regarding Transformers. It’s a pity that only cheapest pasters I could afford. Each time I could stand for a long while to watch transformer toys before small booth.

Later, a classmate took a toy to school. Hasbro’s Motormaster. It was said that it was very expensive, compared to other kinds of toys, for it was bought from Shanghai city.

Obviously, I would be no other than admiring and jealousness.

However, other toys cannot be mentioned in the same breath. Because its materials, style is far beyond to compare. Even I was shocked that the logo of Transformer could change its color, which is the clearest memory on my mind till now. I cannot believe that a transformer toy can be made in such an excellent level.

Chairman Mao had said that people can achieve everything he wants in case of his courage.

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