Casey Affleck finished his Joaquer Texas Rapper documentary

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05.06.10 14 Comments

It seems like it’s been forever since the world was all abuzz with news of Joaquin Phoenix’s Andy Kaufmanesque rap career.  The last time he came up was in August, when he was reportedly spotted buying a velvet cape and rapping in a dressing room, and when the salesgirl asked what form of payment he’d be using, he “banged down a wad of cash and yelled: ‘MONEY!'” (I love that story).

ANYWAY, today’s news is that Casey Affleck has reportedly finished his documentary about it, and is shopping it around town.  Drop that beat, Deadline:

I’m told that the film made its debut in a private lunchtime screening at WME headquarters last week for buyers — including Harvey Weinstein — who were sworn to secrecy. WME is selling the film, and it may only take a couple of days to reach a deal. I hear the agency and the distributors intend to keep the mock’s content under wraps for as long as they can for maximum shock value.  Presumably, the film answers Hollywood’s bewilderment about whether Joaquin was serious about quitting acting — or whether he was just, well, acting.

The leaving the tags on his shirt, the falling off the stage, the putting gum under Letterman’s desk… I’m pretty sure he was acting, dudes.  Then again, you might say I’m overly inclined to disbelieve people I find ridiculous, to the point of assuming they’re fictional characters.  Up until a few weeks ago, I was convinced Colin Hanks was just two 8-year-olds in a trench coat.

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