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Johnny Depp is set to reprise his role as Hunter S. Thompson’s alter-ego, this time as Kemp in The Rum DiaryTheBadandtheUgly recently got ahold of a casting bulletin, suggesting production might not be too far off.

SEEKING: CHENAULT A beautiful, 25 year old, translucent vision [Editor’s Note: Does that mean Pale? Blind? Invisible?] from Connecticut, with a killer smile and a wry, enigmatic personality, she wears barely-there sarongs, sunbathes nude, and oozes sexuality in everything she does. She enchants and mesmerizes Kemp from the moment they meet: while both escaping a tedious, high-end party. Chenault is dating and possibly engaged to Sanderson, but clearly feels an attraction to Kemp. She’s a daredevil who loves to dance and drive fast. She gets into big trouble with a lust-crazed, violent crowd during Carnival in St. Thomas. .. LEAD. This role contains nudity.

Hey, I ooze sexuality (and mucus)!  They go on to say (based on what I’m not sure) that…

Word on the production street is that Krysti Charron, the casting assistant is partial to Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johannson, but readings for this role will probably include a swath of relatively unknowns.

Let’s see… Johansson hasn’t done nudity yet, but supposedly has a “nude scene” in He’s Just Not That Into You, which is rated PG-13 so that’s bullshit… Keira Knightley, only if by “killer smile” you mean “a stupid pout thing she does in every picture”.  …In conclusion, something something Zac Efron something “Cum Diary.”  Boy, this site really writes itself sometimes.

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