Chris Klein is a drunk-driving dog thief

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06.16.10 30 Comments

About a month ago, Chris Klein’s coke-fueled clown dildo of a Mamma Mia audition ended up online. It was pretty embarrassing, but he wisely went with the joke and we forgot about it (hope you’re taking notes, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad). Well that’s all about to change because last night he got popped for a DUI, and his BAC might qualify him for a spot on the drunk celebrity hall of fame.  (That’s right, fame, not shame. Drinking is cool. And if you’re not cool, drinking makes you cool.)

We’re told Klein blew well over a .20 when he was arrested on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles this morning — his second DUI bust in the last 6 years.  The legal limit in California is .08. 
As we previously reported, Klein wasn’t the only passenger in his car — cops found a dog inside the vehicle.  The dog was later retrieved by a friend of Klein’s. [TMZ]

Holy sh*t, .20+?  That’s pretty wasted.  I mean, not Hassellhoff wasted, but still.  If I’m that wasted and I’m in a car, you can bet I’m probably not driving, I’m probably tied up in the trunk yelling, “TAKE ME TO GET SOME FLAPJACKS, YOU F*GGOTS!”  Anyway, DUIs are all fun and games, but stealing a dog?  That’s f*cked up.  (Though Nic Cage abides).  I can only imagine how embarrassed the dog was when the police had to call his owner from a police station.  He probably sighed real loud and put his paws over his eyes.

Thanks to WWTDD for finally finding a remix of Chris Klein’s acting in Street Fighter for me..

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