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03.20.09 24 Comments

Most people know Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan often collaborates on scripts with his brother, Jonathan.  But apparently, they have another brother Matthew no one likes to talk about…

Matthew Francis Nolan, 40 was under investigation by Chicago Police in a $700,000 bank-fraud scheme when FBI agents here nabbed him last month in connection with a 2005 killing in Central America.
Nolan is wanted in Costa Rica in the kidnapping and murder of Florida businessman Robert C. Cohen.
Authorities said Nolan pretended he was interested in doing business in Costa Rica when the two met in a hotel. But his real mission was to recover $7million Cohen owed another Florida man.
An accomplice kidnapped Cohen and the men tried to extort the money from Cohen’s family; but when that failed, they killed Cohen, Costa Rican authorities said.
Matthew Nolan’s alleged accomplice, Douglas Mejia, has been convicted. Nolan is being held here awaiting extradition proceedings. [Chicago SunTimes]

See, this is why I’m glad I don’t have any brothers. As soon as you taste a little success they run off to South America and start killing people. I used to want a brother, but now I see that I’d much rather just have a group of cool black dudes to hang with.

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