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12.22.08 83 Comments

Guess what’s getting a reboot?  Judge Dredd.  Sadly, they probably won’t cast Stallone again.  But fret not, because I’m including below the awesomest 80s pictures of Sylvester Stallone. [AICN]

Screenjunkies counts down the 15 weirdest Jeff Goldblum moments.  I’d like to see Jeff Goldblum vs. Crispin Glover Thunderdome.  Weapon of choice?  Mind lasers.  [Screenjunkies]

Naomi Watts is 40?! Holy hell.  Oh well, here’s to you, you epic Hollywood cougar you.  This boner’s a newborn. [HolyTaco]

Jack Ryan is also back.  The Tom Clancy hero previously played by Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck will be back… and if recent trends are any indication, probably played by Shia Labeouf.  New nickname: Jackie Four Fingers.  [Hollywood Reporter]

Fox is developing a “werewolf dramedy” about “a quartet of female friends in NY who are werewolves.”  It’s called Bitches.  I swear to Michael J. Fox I did not make any of that up. Clearly they stole the idea from the “Gee, honey, wax much?” scene in Sex in the City. [THR]

New Inglourious Basterds set photos include faux old French movie posters. Awesome, looks just like a yuppie’s apartment.  Where’s the one with the monkey drinking wine?  The Martini & Rossi lady in the white dress?  OMG, you have those?  You’re so artsy! [/Film]

First poster for Will Ferrell’s Land of the Lost is… uninspired.  This is the poster equivalent of a courtesy handjob that keeps asking you if it has to keep going. [Cinematical]

Atom’s Holiday Gift Guide.  Might I suggest the David Hasselhoff gift card?  I can’t believe that’s real.  Wait, no, yes I can. [Atom]

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