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Christoph Waltz filmed a bit for Jimmy Kimmel live the other night, an old BBC piece on one of his earlier works, “Der Humpink.” It begins with a parody of the Trolololo guy, which was nice, but even through my own chuckling, I was thinking to myself, “Wait a second, wasn’t I promised humpink?”  Then, just as the thought crossed my mind, BOOM!  There’s the humpink.  I want “the humpink was not a metaphor” on my tombstone. Also, I made this sweet-ass gif:

ChristophWaltz-der humpink-ukulele

Nice, huh?  Now, granted, I don’t know much about Austria.  But this is more or less how I envision everything on Austrian TV that isn’t scheisse porn.

Christoph-Waltz-Der-Humpink-Jimmy Kimmell

-Thanks to Jeff for the tip.

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