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(“No, please, not a tribal tattoo!”)

Cockroaches and Saw movies, those will be the only things to survive if there’s a nuclear apocalypse.   Why?  Because Saw VII, that’s why.  They’ve already got the release date locked up (October 2010 – yep, one per year), and the plan is to make this installment 3D.

Twisted Pictures producer Mark Burg told the press next year’s entry is slightly more expensive and involves more pre-production. Why? Because it will be shot in 3-D with Saw V’s David Hackl back in the director’s chair.  [Thank goodness. Saw VI was supposed to be twice as good as Saw III, but it was really only half-again better than Saw IV].  Burg says he was impressed by a brief presentation he saw of the original Saw in 3-D and felt the series lent itself to the format.
“It’s worth it,” he explains. “We want to be able to build the sets that take advantage of depth. We’re going to design traps to come at you. The pendulum trap that opened the last movie would have been great in 3-D.” He’s excited by the prospect of the next entry and compares some of the gags they’ve got in mind to My Bloody Valentine 3D.
“A lot of the movie we’re planning where the victim’s eye, stuff is coming towards them. They’re point of view. I think the audience wants some Bloody Valentine-type moments where the gun comes into the audience and stuff like that.” [Shocktillyoudrop]

A gun comes into the audience?  If only.  Whatever, I feel the same way about torture porn as I do about pro wrestling or musicals — I don’t really get it, but if that’s your thing, swell, just stay away from my pets.  It also seems like these movies could be greatly improved if only Dennis Hopper showed up whenever everyone gets thrown in the rape dungeon to yell, “POP QUIZ, HOTSHOT!”

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