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06.28.09 55 Comments

How best to sum up this week in the comments section?  We laughed, we cried, we came up with 459 imaginary Zac Efron movie titles.  And for that I thank you. I love you, commenters, as much as this guy <=== loves dolls (though probably not as much as he loves crapping in a diaper).

The way COMMENTS OF THE WEEK works is: at any time this week, when you read a comment you think worthy of recognition, YOU nominate it by copy and pasting it in the comments section below.  I pick the winner from among the nominees the following Sunday/Monday. (To help you find it more easily, the nomination thread is always linked in the ABOUT section).

Now for the fun part. We begin in MICHAEL BAY HATES BLACK PEOPLE, SUBTLETY:

SmokeEmIfYouGotEm says: Michael Bay doesn’t just burn crosses. He wraps them in Semtex and firing gel and rigs them with a remote timer.

Then we move to THE LAST AIRBENDER TEASER thread:

Stinky Peet says: “The Last Airbender” is what I call the night I almost OD’ed on nitrous oxide.

Then we go to TRON MAN FORCED TO SELL PLANE, not that the following comments had anything to do with the post in which they appeared:

JHC says: Hee hee. When you italicize a frowny face, it looks like Kirk Douglas.  ;-(

Pauly Dangerously says: JHC! JHC! Check it out….  ;0 <—— Terry Schiavo

Pauly Dangerously says: B()_ That’s my “Stephen Hawking drooling”.

ChinoMoreno says: ( <—- Angelo Mendoza

Yeah, I didn’t get that last one either, until I realized Angelo Mendoza is the kid whose father ate his eyes.  +10 for depravity.  Though in related news, he’s regained partial sight.  See?  Always a silver lining.  Next we move to the ZAC EFRON MOVIE TITLES thread.  My original post actually had nothing to do with Efron movie titles, but you guys took the concept and ran with it, and I like that. My two favorites:

Maxwell Demon says: The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came All Over Another Guy’s Face

El Topo says: You’ve Got Male

Next we go to AMELIA EARHARDT BIOPIC.  I’m actually second guessing myself for not naming this one the winner.

ChinoMoreno says: (Amelia texting her BFF) OMG!!! I’m flying! LOL!!1!11!!!


Then we move to the DAYBREAKERS TRAILER, a movie about vampires farming humans for their blood:

Påüłÿ Ðąηgęrσűşľγ says: Americans used to farm humans back when slavery was the cat’s pajamas

I admit I chose that solely for the phrase “cat’s pajamas.”  Probably because I imagined it visually.  Anyway, time to choose this week’s winner.  It wasn’t spit-take funny, but it was well said.  Eloquent, even.

TheSheepMafia says: Christ. Michael Jackson (50) dies of a heart attack and David Carradine (72) is dies because of a weird sexual fetish. Who’d have seen THAT coming?


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