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07.26.09 75 Comments

(Sometimes when I get nervous, it helps to picture you all like this)
After hogging the glory all week, it’s time I recognize you, fair commenters (swarthy commenters too).

The way COMMENTS OF THE WEEK works is: at any time this week, when you read a comment you think worthy of recognition, YOU nominate it by copy and pasting it in the comments section below.  I pick the winner from among the nominees the following Sunday/Monday. (To help you find it more easily, the nomination thread is always linked in the ABOUT section).

Okay folks, let’s start at the beginning.  Last Monday. HARRY POTTER BEATS BRUNO AT THE BOX-OFFICE post.  It was a dark and stormy comments section.  Suddenly, Donkey Hodey somersaulted down from the balcony in a crotchless onesie.

Donkey Hodey says: “Radcliffe-friendlier headline: Bruno goes down on Potter’s big opening.”


Did I Do That says: I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire six spells or only five?” Well to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a Level 70 Night Elf, the most powerful character in the game, and would blow your character of out the world, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, noob?

Cleverness shall be recognized.  Next up, the MAGDALENA: THE CATHOLIC WONDER WOMAN post:

Donkey Hodey says: The lady d’offs Protestants too much, methinks.

You have to hand it to anyone who can stretch that far for a pun without pulling a muscle.  Speaking of which… ALICE IN WONDERLAND post:

Donkey Hodey says: I hope this movie ends with Alice in Chains.  What? I think “Down in a Hole” would be a fitting song.

Remember in Singles, when that one dude takes Kyra Sedgewick on a date, and the two 20-something yuppies go to a little club, and Alice in Chains is up on stage playing “Would?”  That was really weird.  Haha, good story, Vince.  Which brings us to the WHEN BABY GOOSE MET BABY SLOTH post (Ryan Gosling posts are always great for material):

Burnsy says: Hey girl, this sloth is one of the seven cuddly sins.

Donkey Hodey says: Hey girl, I’m kinda jealous of this sloth because he gets to spend his whole day hugging trees.

iwontrememberthis says: Haha, I’ll miss you Scratches.

From there we move on to the BLACK SABBATH MOVIE post, in which I wrote, “How much better would the Final Destination movies be if they were called Megadeth, or Saw if it was called Slayer?”

Donkey Hodey says: The not-yet-announced story of David Carradine’s death could be called “Slipknot”.

The best thread of the week was probably the SECRET DWARF HOOKER thread.  Some highlights:

Donkey Hodey says: “She also happens to be a former prostitute, who had wealthy pedophiles for clients.”
Daddy Warbucks always had a thing for little orphan fanny.

Burnsy says: I would be so pissed if I found out my 6-year old was really an adult.

Charlie Br0nze says: So, you can just turn up at an orphanage, pick one of these midgets and drive away with it the same day? America truly is the land of opportunity.

SmokeEmIfYouGotEm says: Her clients are called Little Johns.

Chino Moreno says: She’s not so much a whore as she is a whors d’oeuvres.

And finally, this comment from the SMOKING 2-YEAR OLD thread may not have been his best of the week, but being that Donkey Hodey made the list six times, calling him the winner is sort of redundant.

Donkey Hodey says:  *Tries to pretend that the subject wasn’t a letdown after reading the title*

Well done, y’all.  Let’s try to nominate some noobs this week, huh?

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