Comments of the Week: Baby Goose Edition

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05.17.10 40 Comments

Sorry, folks, no prize to give away this week.  Instead you’ll just have to enjoy this picture of Baby Goose filming a dog, which is my new favorite thing ever.  Also, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but next Monday’s prize is going to be extremely sweet, so keep commenting.  And do it… well.  This was my favorite of last week’s comments:

From Twilight‘s background models demand more money: Morton Salt says: The execs for SyFy cannot wait for these movies to be done so these desperate talentless f*cks can move right on to their still-undeserving place as headliners for movies like MegaSloth Vs. LesboSquatch: The Battle For Oregon. Twenty years from now he will still be Kellen Lutz (The Twilight Series) on my DVR, so enjoy it now douche-syrup.

And yes, it was the “Lesbosquatch” part that did it.  As always, paste your nominations for next week in the comments section below.  Here are the honorable mentions:

From Judge Dredd gets a 3D remake:

Stone Soup says:
Attention Rap-Rock bands: This is a level 7 alert. I repeat: This is a level 7 alert. Follow protocol Kilo and submit new material to your managing agent at once.
This is not a test.

From R.I.P. Mudflap & Skids, Transformers’ minstrel bots:

Stinky Peet too:
In the third movie they’re replaced with an armored car named Jar Jar Brinks.

From Miley Cyrus’ skanky dance party at a Nicholas Sparks wrap party:

Erswi says:
There’s only one comparison between Nick Sparks and Hemingway I’d care to see quantified. Their appetites for 12 gauge.

SUBNOTE: You may have noticed the video on that post got pulled from YouTube “due to a copyright claim by Warner Bros Entertainment.”  Really, Warner Bros?  You’re claiming you own an amateur video taken at a wrap party for one of your movies now?  I guess we can blame this underage lap dance on you now.

From Matt Damon is president of The Matrix or some sh*t:

Morton Salt says: Just when I think the Julia Roberts ruse in Ocean’s Twelve is the worst decision George Nolfi could ever make, I watch this trailer and, BAM -Matt Damon’s hat.

And finally, Baby Goose always brings out the best in you guys.  From Baby Goose thinks tree stumps are sad:

Oski says: Hey girl, there’s a light in the attic. Somebody should turn that off, we’ve only got one earth.

Burnsy says: Hey girl, please don’t carve our initials in the tree. Just whisper them. He’ll hear.

ChinoMoreno says: Hey girl, see where the sidewalk ends? That’s where I’ll start carrying you.

Well done again, folks.  And bring your A-game this week.

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