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Here are my favorite FilmDrunk commenter-submitted facts about Gary Busey:

Chodin says, “Gary Busey refuses to ever play ‘Snakes and Ladders’ because he says that it’s ‘too realistic’.”

RoboPanda says, “Gary Busey is so afraid of breaking a leg that he wears a bulletproof vest and a custom-engraved Medi-Alert bracelet that says ‘NOT A HORSE.'”

Editor’s Note: I’m too lazy to make sure none of these were stolen from Bill Brasky and/or Chuck Norris websites, so if any of them are unoriginal… so’s your face.

Burnsy says, “Gary Busey apologized to Jennifer Garner by granting her daughter immortality.”

Michelle07 says, “When Gary Busey ejaculates, one giant sperm comes out and it blinks at you.”

Craptastic says, “Gary Busey photoshops his face onto pictures of Gary Busey.”

Pauly Dangerously says, “Gary Busey fucked Jane Goodall while wearing a gorilla suit.”

Chodin, “Gary Busey has the schematics for a water-powered car tattooed behind his eyelids.”

Michelle07 says, “Gary Busey has the worlds largest collection of Clip Art.”

Pauly Dangerously says, “Gary Busey died in 1989. What we are seeing is his exoskeleton.”

Michelle07 says, “Gary Busey lactates. Like, a lot.”

Al says, “Gary Busey stared into the abyss… and the abyss ran away screaming.”

Chodin says, “Gary Busey holds his binoculars backwards to see things closer.”

Charlie Bronze says, “Gary Busey can unclog toilets by bellowing at them.”

Pauly Dangerously says, “Gary Busey puts actual baseball players in his bicycle spokes.”

Jacktion! says, “Gary Busey shits live crickets.”

Craptastic says, “Gary Busey jumped off his motocycle and headbutted that curb to stop an earthquake.”

Chodin says, “Now when Gary Busey rides motorcycles, he wears larger people’s skulls over his head.”

Ed. Note great job all.  Now if FilmDrunk isn’t the first entry the shows up after a Google Search for Gary Busey, I’m going to sue.

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