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08.08.10 49 Comments

Each week, FilmDrunk accumulates so much goodness in the comments section that at the end of the week, we reward a “winner” with a prize and recognize the best of the comments.  We use the Comments section of the Comments of the Week post (i.e., the post you’re reading) as a place to nominate comments you deem noteworthy.  And now you know.

This week’s prize package comes courtesy of Dark Night of the Soul, an album that was a collaboration between Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse — also Sarah Jessica Parker’s CB handle — with art direction and photography from David “I’m Wearing a Hat” Lynch. The awesome prize pack they’re giving away for our winner includes:

  • David Lynch DVDs: Dune, Mulhulland Drive, Lost Highway, Eraserhead
  • Deluxe Dark Night of the Soul album package (here’s a video trailer, here’s an “unpackaging” video)
  • Sparklehorse Catalogue: Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot, Good Morning Spider, It’s a Wonderful Life, Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain
  • Danger Mouse albums – both Gnarls Barkley albums

All in all, pretty solid.  And now for the winning comment.  It came from the 81-year-old High School Sweetheart Reunion post.

  • Chareth Cutestory says: Not since the Ardennes forest has he battled such a bulge.

I simply could not deny a succinct, accurate historical reference, wrapped around a joke about an old man’s boner. It’s a perfect embodiment of the spirit of FilmDrunk.  Honorable mentions below.

Same post:

  • ChinoMoreno says: I’ve fallen in love and I can’t get it up!!

From the Fake Trailer for Oregon Trail: The Movie:

  • Donkey Hodey says: They shot eight hours of footage, but could only carry two back to the wagon.

From Inception costume designer explains ending:

  • Pauly Dangerously says: My totem is a baby that stops crying when I shake it.  …Wait, that doesn’t work. What do I do with this baby now? [Editor’s Note: It’s funnier when you know that he’s expecting a child soon.]

From Paul Rudd was a Bat Mitsvah DJ:

  • JHC says: Seeing that birthday party makes we wish I was Jewish, but then I think about all the fun times I’ve spent with my Grandparents and the thought vanishes.

From HURRR, Good story, Will Smith:

  • Mel Gibsons Beaver Puppet

From David Schwimmer’s movie about online predators:

  • The Mighty Feklahr says:
    This transcript from their last “talk” should have been a dead give-away:
    *Girl has logged on to messenger
    *Pervy posing as a volleyball player logged on to messenger
    G: lol hi
    P: hey, hi, nice 2 c u!
    G: I have two tests at school tomorrow, lame
    P: Bummer 8^(
    G: How was volleyball practice?
    P: I found the perfect meat hook and have a great spot for you in the freezer.
    G: lolwut?
    P: Just kidding! Do you like Jonas Bros? :D
    G: Oh em gee YES!!!111!1!

From Entourage movie still a possibility:

  • Watanabex: I’ve hated this Entourage douche ever since he walked out on Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada, SHE CHANGED FOR YOU! YOU UNGRATEFUL SON OF A BITCH!!

From the trailer of Unstoppable, aka Tony Scott Train Movie Part 2:

  • Stone Soup says:
  • Chris Pine: “Dudes – I just landed another big movie!”
    Chris’s childhood friends: “Lemme guess – you’re pullin’ a train with some black dude…”
    Chris Pine: “Nevermind.”

From James Marshall suing Accutane for lost work, colon:

  • Burnsy: More like Splattiator!
    *bowtie spins, squirts doodie from flower*

From Pete Hammond doesn’t know what ‘literally’ means:

  • Robopanda says: I imagine him looking at the poster for this, seeing an explosion in the background, making a mental note to look up all synonyms for “explosive” in the thesaurus later, then using his ticket money to go to the arcade and buy free rounds of Dance Dance Revolution for young boys.
    (Are there still arcades in malls?)

And finally, from Inception‘s snow fortress is the UCSD library:

  • Meatsack says: So thats Pajiba’s hq huh? always thought it would be you know more…gay.

That’s all for this week, folks.  But put on your commenting boots and keep not sucking, because you never know what wacky prize I’ll be giving away.  It’s a secret.  Though… it would help if you’re not allergic to rodentia.

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