Comments of the Week: ‘The League’ Complete 1st Season

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09.20.10 47 Comments

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox, today’s Comments of the Week prize is The League: The Complete Season One on Blu-ray disc. The disc includes extended cuts of all six episodes from season one, and if you’ve never seen the show, I hate you. Not really, but I’d be justified. It stars the always hilarious Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, Mark Duplass, Katie Aselton, and Jon Lajoie, and follows a group of friends’ fantasy football league. Not that you have to play fantasy football to enjoy the show, or like football, or even know what football is. Heck, growing up, my father was a pro football player who was always beating me and my mom. From an early age, probably after I saw him throw her down stairs one too many times, I swore that I would always stay far far away from that that cowardly hate-sport. But I love The League. It’s even helped me to find closure. It’s that good.

Anyway, on to this week’s winner. Coming from Forbes Names List of Highest-Paid Actors, James Cameron Buys Gold Helmet for His Komodo Dragon:

Danger Guerrero says: “He also had it fitted with A/V jacks and mounted a 50 LCD computer screen to its back, saying ‘NOW you’re a Monitor lizard.'”

Between this and always sending me awesome old Old Dirty Bastard clips, Danger gets the prize. (Also, isn’t being a minority named “Danger” a bit redundant?). And now for those deserving honorable mention:

From Stallone Ruminates on MMA-based Rocky:


I don’t know how many people actually get Nick Ring references, but they tthlay me every time.

Chareth Cutestory says: “You might think you’ve hit bottom when you’re tiredly pulling on your dress socks and singing the opening bars to “Semi Charmed Life” in a Nick Ring voice, but joke’s on you, people. I haven’t even BEGUN to hit bottom.”

From Mel Gibson dresses like Wilford Brimley to fool paparazzi:

Mel Gibson Beaver Puppet says: HEY SUGARPICS!!!!!!!!!! YOUR CAMERAS LOOK STUPID!!!!!! I HOPE YOU GET RAPED BY A PACK OF JAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mighty Fek’lhr says: “It’s the right thing to do, and the racist way to do it.”

From ‘The Tourist’ looks like the movie-est movie of the year:

Monks says: Critics are raving!
“It’s a movie!”
“Over 90 minutes long!”
“Goes great with Popcorn AND soda!”
“Looks like a rental!”
“Depp and Jolie deliver a performance!”

Mick says: “This is literally a movie!” — Accurate Pete Hammond

From Mahky Mahk Wahlberg give a gitty pahfahmence in The Bawxah:

Mick says: “I’m about ta leave this huge fackin’ prawsthetic cawk in my reahview.” — Boston Dirk Diggler

Morton Salt says: I agree that this looks like Boogie Fights.
He’s a poh-on stah, break his cawk! -Officer John C. Reilly

Moose Says: I like to picture Marky Mark in a trendy, upscale restaurant.
Marky Mark: Hay, waitah! Thah’s some cawk in my wine! I know it ain’t none ah my backwash neithah. It’s cawk. I know it’s cawk cawz I can taste it. And believe me, I know the taste of cawk.
Waiter: I’m sorry, sir. We’ll bring you a new bottle of wine that doesn’t have bits of cork in it.
Marky Mark: Yeah, you bettah be glad it wasn’t an entire length of fat cawk, cawz I wouldah spit it out in ya fackin’ face!

Token Black Guy says: Just once, instead of watching a poor guy scratch his way to the top, I’d like to see a wealthy guy’s entire life fall apart. If they don’t stop peddling this American Dream crap, stupid people are going to keep breeding.

From Armond White loves Resident Evil, references Umbrellas of Cherbourg:

The Jersey Devil says: I didn’t care for Demy’s “Umbrellas of Cherbourg” at all. I much prefer Denny’s “Moons Over My Hammy.”

And finally, from the latest Frotcast where we discuss casual fridays (in addition to the music of Old Dirty Bastard and the rise in Slam Poetry):

Erswi says: I’m gonna wear Jesus Didn’t Tap shirts on Good Friday from now on.

So well done, everyone.

NEXT WEEK’S PRIZE: Bring your A-game again this week to win the latest release from South Park Studios, a Lil’ Box of Butters, the collector’s edition DVD set featuring 13 of your favorite Butters Stotch-centric South Park episodes, plus “The Poop That Took a Pee”: The Lost Chapter, and more. In all honesty, this is a god d*mn amazing prize.

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