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12.20.10 40 Comments

Here on FilmDrunk, we’ve got lots of smartass commenters, the smartest assed of whom we reward each Monday with a FilmDrunk shirt.  That’s Pauly Dangerously in the pic on the right, staring triumphantly off into the sunset.  Well it’s Monday, so it’s time to award some shirts. (For those not clever enough to win them, you can still buy them here. I’ll mail one more batch tonight and then I’m done until after Christmas).

Here’s my top four:

[From Live-Bear Version of Yogi Bear] Donkey Hodey says: Also, for TV shows: The Fresh Prince of El Bear.
The twist is that they’re Mexican… and bears.

Con-Bear would have been awesome too.  “Put the bunneh in the baske-AAAAAAAAAAAHH”

[From Nic Cage to Remake Taken] Larry says: “I do have a very particular set of skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. For people in general, actually.”

[From Frotcast 27] Robopanda says: Ooooo, someone went to Columbia. La di da with your fancy degree and your pants that probably don’t have a dead former nursing home patient’s name written inside the waistband with a laundry marker. Me and *checks waistband* Maynard are reeeeal impressed.

[From ReeseWit and RPattz Love a Retarded Elephant] zjhgd8 says: “Jacob, yer changin that retarded elephants life.” “No, he’s changin mine.” Followed by Christoph Waltz strangling the elephant.

Since Donkey and Larry are previous CoTW winners, and Robopanda works here, by process of elimination I must award zjhgd8 a shirt, even though he has a terrible FilmDrunk handle that makes me sad.  So email me, zjhgd8. And read on for the honorable mentions:

[From Trailer for 5 Fast 5 Furious Bicurious] openwideforchunky says: Looks like Vin Diesel’s career is going down the Dwayne.

[From Jon Favreau Won’t Direct Iron Man 3] spazmodic says: Sounds like someone thinks he’s too big to ride the ferrous wheel…

Jesus, I thought Chunky’s pun was bad.

[From the “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore” Supercut] Charlie Bronze says: Kansas sounds like a sh*thole.

Ahh, love the British ‘drunkards.

[From White Pride Groups to Boycott Thor over Chocolate Norseman] Ace Rimmer says: For coloured gods who considered suicide when guarding the rainbow is enuff.

[From Trailer for Paul is Making Me Look Like an Idiot] bane of trebeks existence says: IFC is gonna be pissed you’re looking like an idiot on the side.

See?  Now that‘s how you insult me.  And finally:

[From Bison Riding in Car and Morning Links] Donkey Hodey says: Finally a take on Street Fighter that not even Chris Klein would work in.

Get it? Bison?  It took me a second, I’ll be honest.

As always, nominate in the comments section for next week.  FYI, you can always find the up-to-date CoTW post in the Comments of the Week link on the side bar to your right.

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