Correction: ASU Adult Film Star Did *NOT* Get Her Scholarship Revoked

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18 year old ASU-porn-star-Elizabeth-hawkenson

A few days ago, I linked an Asylum story about 18-year-old Arizona State freshman geology major* Elizabeth Hawkenson, who had reportedly had her scholarship revoked after appearing in a “casting couch” porno in which she holds up her actual ASU ID card (note: probably not the best idea).  The basis of the story was a letter supposedly sent to the ASU regents by an “anonymous alumnus” who was outraged with Hawkenson’s “degrading sexual activities” and demanded her $33,000 scholarship be revoked.  Today, the Phoenix New Times reports that the Board of Regents says they never received such a letter, Hawkenson is still enrolled and lives in a dorm, and her scholarship has not been revoked. Buzzfeed says the letter may have been a 4-chan hoax.

The format of the casting couch video (it’s linked in the Phoenix New Times story) is that a guy brings a pretty young girl into his office who supposedly thinks she’s just auditioning for a modeling job, at which point the director eventually talks her into having sex on camera.  In case you just fell off the ‘tard bus, none of that is true (but you never know what guys will believe with a boner in their hand).

“The whole thing is scripted,” Hawkenson tells New Times. “I knew going in there it was for sex.”
She says she was paid $2,000 and assured the video would only appear on the part of the Web site people had to pay to see.
That didn’t happen. The video found it’s [sic] way to free porn sites like and Hawkenson became (ahem) a star. She says the publicity she’s gotten from the video has “been treacherous for [her].”
She says she found her way to the “casting couch” after she was short on tuition. She’s from out of state, so her tuition is about $30,000 a year. Her scholarship is spread out over four years.
She says she did some fully clothed modeling for Mayflower Models and agents repeatedly asked her to appear in porn.
“I was like ‘no way, I have morals,'” she says.
With the tuition deadline approaching, Hawkenson took them up on the offer.

Now, a couple things.  First, there are two extremely surprising things about this story.

1. A girl who said she was 18 in a porn film was actually 18.

2. A girl in a porno who said she plays in the school band actually plays in the school band.  (She also plays a mean skin flute OH! /Dice).

You might be saying, “But Vince, what about a girl in a porno needing money for tuition who actually needs money for tuition?”

I’m calling BS on that one.  Even with out of state tuition, it’s still a public school AND she got a decent-sized scholarship.  She’d have banks bending over backwards to saddle her (heh heh) with student loans for the next 30 years.  If she wanted to do some porn instead of pay off student loans, more power to her, but no one’s buying the “my mom’s operation cost $4,630 dollars, and wouldn’t you know it, five minutes later a guy with a pinkie ring showed up at the front door offering me $4,630 for a BJ” story.  Also, I doubt a girl who shows her actual ID cards on camera is that shocked and surprised when her video ends up on p0rnhub.  If you ask me, it looks like we’ve got ourselves another Montana Fishburne situation here.  Which is pretty shrewd on the girl’s part, considering she managed to drum up all this attention without the benefit of a famous father, still comes off as the innocent girl gone wild, and did it without having Brian Pumper rap about putting farts in her monkey fufu.  Also, less butt pimples.

Finally, there’s one totally-not-surprising thing about this story, and that’s that ASU won’t revoke your scholarship for doing porn.  They couldn’t.  Based on the films I’ve seen, that’s like a third of their student body.

*I got something rock hard you can study OH! /Dice.

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