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12.15.08 27 Comments

Sylvester Stallone called Harry from AICN this morning to report some new details about the already awesome-sounding The Expendables:

[Former] UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture has been added to the movie’s cast, joining the already announced Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Dolph Lundgren.  Forrest [sic] Whittaker has also been cast in the film, which rolls this March in Brazil. Oh, and look for Jet Li to fight Dolph Lundgren.

Jesus Christ.  I might have to lift weights before I go see this movie. Naturally, I asked The Stath what he thought of his new co-star.

Oi, cunts, da Staf’ ‘eah.  Oi: so dey fink dis cunt’s some koinda foighta, now does dey?  Roight – punchin cunts is one fing, but da fit birds ain’ even gonna notice if ‘e ain’ got a propa sazz wagon or a BMX boicycle.  Aldough Oy must admit, Oy do loike da cunt’s shoiny fock’n sazz belt.  Oy should definitely get one a dose. Only problem wif belts is dat da birds is usually troiyin ta get moy trousahs down, not ‘old ’em up, now doesn’ dey?

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