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08.27.09 9 Comments

Here’s three minutes of Supervan, the movie Story and Trish fell in love to. [via EverythingisTerrible]

Daily Circle Jerk Links:

  • The cast of Thirty Something then and now. Then: people I didn’t care about.  Now: same.  They’ve aged so well! |Getback|
  • The 10 most hated people at the gym.  Number one on the list?  Hitler.  |Gunaxin|
  • The message of this is don’t text while you drive, otherwise you might end up in an awful Welsh commercial. |Urbanian|
  • How does Vick actually help the Eagles outside of the Wildcat offense?  By something something joke about killing dogs, of course. |OpenSports|
  • Heeb mag talks to the guy who created the Groundhog Day timeline. |Heeb|
  • Cornelius Von Copperpot reviews moving picture films. |NewfangledPictures|
  • This isn’t a video game trailer, it’s a SUPERMERCIAL.  For “Serious Sam”. |G4|
  • MONKEY HATE MAGIC TRICK! |ScreenJunkies|
  • 25 reasons to stop using condoms.  You really needed 25? |HolyTaco|

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