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03.13.08 84 Comments

Knock Knock.  Who’s there?  Some links, bitch! 

Brad Bird Directing Live Action Debut, 1906
The other day I misidentified him as the director of Finding Nemo and Wall E (my bad, that’s Andrew Stanton).  However, I stand by my point about his enormous forehead.

Remake of Fame Gets a Director
High School Musical, Hairspray, and now this.  Kill your children while there’s still time.  Or at least break their fingers to keep them from developing "jazz hands".  *shudder* 

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Crew Doing New Muppet Movie  I’m also an accomplished puppeteer.  I like to pretend my hand is a sexy lady.

Charlize Theron Producing Remake of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
Coincidentally, "Lady Vengeance" is a nickname for my penis.

Forbidden Kingdom Poster
My favorite part is the flying and the magic. 

50% Chance of Actor’s Strike
Only Saudi royalty and judges of ass-kissing contests have cushier jobs than union actors. If this goes through, I’ll be the first strikebreaker at the picket line with a club and a riot helmet.  Who’s pretty now, motherfucker!

Chistopher Lambert Voted "Worst Scottish Accent" By Scots
Key quote: "Several people in the online survey voted for Sean Connery, but these were discounted as the actor is Scottish." [Thanks for the tip, Bryce]

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