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02.13.08 37 Comments

Dakota Fanning and her sister Elle are being replaced by Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Sofia Vassilieva in the Nick Cassavetes drama My Sister’s Keeper.

Sources said Dakota Fanning balked at a request that she shave her head for the role and both sisters withdrew abruptly.

Reached for comment, Fanning said, “Only dykes and hippies shave their heads,” in between packs of unfiltered Camels.  “Don’t tell nobody I said that.  I ain’t afraid to kill a snitch."

Breslin, who was Oscar-nominated for "Little Miss Sunshine," will take over the role of a young girl who sues for emancipation from parents who conceived her as a genetic match so she could prolong the life of her ailing older sister. Cameron Diaz plays the mother of the girls, a tough lawyer who takes her own case in court. Alec Baldwin plays the attorney who represents the child.

Something something “Rude little pig,” *rimshot*

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