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This is the poster for Cold Souls, starring Paul Giamatti, which surprisingly isn’t a Charlie Kaufman movie. [Cinematical]

Danny Trejo ees not going to be een The Expendables after all, guey.  He will, however, be in Machete, which is likely to be Robert Rodriguez’ next project, despite what you may have been heard about Predators, Nerverackers, or The Jetsons.  Or not.  Who knows with Robert Rodriguez. He’s quickly becoming the Mexican Brett Ratner. [ThePlaylist]

Gordon Chan is doing a movie based on the King of Fighters video game.  I don’t know what that is, but the movie has Sean Faris in it so it’ll probably be really, really good.  Somewhere, Cam Gigandet silently glares at his blackberry.  [movieset]

Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov (boxing nickname: The Black Mambetov) claims Angelina Jolie will be back for Wanted 2, even though her character died at the end of the [SPOILER ALERT] first one.  How will they do that?  Time travel, I’m guessing.  The first one relied on a giant mechanical loom supposedly built in pre-industrial times, I doubt realism is a concern.  [MTV]

Roy Rogers will return for a “King of Cowboys” film trilogy, even though Roy Rogers has been dead for 11 years.  How will they do that?  “Geadelmann said the planned film trilogy will ‘not be a biopic, and will not be a traditional Western, but rather a family fantasy adventure. Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Trigger are quintessential figures of America, and we will introduce this franchise to a new audience while capitalizing on the millions of Roy Rogers fans worldwide.'”  Thanks, now it totally makes sense.  Great reporting, Variety.  [Variety]

Platinum Dune producers say the next Friday the 13th film (the sequel to the remake… guhh…) may feature Jason in the snow.  But the movie itself won’t take place in the snow, because places that have snow are too cold.  No seriously, that’s what they said.  [CHUD]

Dave Eggers wrote a 300-page novelization of Where the Wild Things Are “about the confusions of a boy, Max, making his way in a world he can’t control. His father is gone, his mother is spending time with a younger boyfriend, his sister is becoming a teenager… At the same time, Max finds himself capable of startling acts of wildness: he wears a wolf suit, bites his mom, and can’t always control his outbursts.”  Wait, are we sure this isn’t about Gary Busey?  [Amazon]

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