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11.11.09 36 Comments

I know this means I won’t get to sit at the cool kids table anymore, but I like Tina Fey and Steve Carell.  I love 30 Rock (as long as Kenneth or Judah Friedlander and his stupid effing hats aren’t on screen), I think her writing is spot-on 80% of the time, and Steve Carell is just one of those guys who’d have to try really hard to be unlikable.  So what happens when you put them both in the same movie?  Well, if it’s a Fox movie, it means you get mother-in-law jokes, people hitting their heads, and sound effects lifted from the wacky morning zoo. Oh yeah, it’s called Date Night.  It was directed by Night at the Museum‘s Shawn Levy, who usually makes kids’ movies, but lucky for him Fox execs can’t tell the difference. Oh hey look, they gave Olivia Munn a two-second cameo.  You know, I can think of a few good ways for Olivia Munn to spend a couple seconds.

(*bike horn*)

Our thoughts exactly, Olivia.  [available in HD at Apple]

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