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10.08.07 44 Comments

Straight from the WTF files comes the news that two Anaconda sequels (that’s number 3 and 4, if you were counting) are currently in shooting in that hotbed of Hollywood production, Romania.  Ice Cube was in the first one but wouldn’t come back for the second, so they got some dude named Johnny Messner.  Apparently he’s not coming back for the third, so now they’ve got David Hasselhoff. 

Both of the flicks are being shot in Romania by Don E. FauntLeRoy, the cinematographer turned director who has no less than three Steven Seagal movies under his belt… both flicks will premiere on the Sci-Fi Channel [before going straight to DVD – duh]. [Cinematical

Hey, didn’t Hasselhoff make like a bajillion dollars on Baywatch?  Says wikipedia (who keep taking down our FilmDrunk entry, bastards):

"According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Baywatch is the most watched TV show in the world of all time, with over 1.1 billion viewers." 

That’s a sixth of the world’s total population. And the dude’s making snake movies in Romania?  I know divorces are expensive, but they can’t be that expensive.  And sure, you’ve got a couple kids, but how much could those possibly cost?  It’s not like you have to feed them every day.

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