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I noticed this the first time I watched the trailer but I didn’t say anything for some reason, and now a bunch of other sites have beaten me to the punch.  Anyway, the “controversy” is that there’s a scene in The Final Destination in which one of the characters has his intestines sucked out of his butthole by a pool drain.  Which, depending on how you look at it, is a ripoff of Chuck Palahniuk’s short story “Guts” which appears in Haunted and was published in Playboy and other places.  Is it a ripoff?  Is it an homage?  Does it even matter, since Palahniuk’s story was itself based on a fairly well-known urban legend (update: okay, I guess it’s not a legend since it’s actually happened a few times)?

There’s also a scene in the movie in which they zoom in really fast on a character’s eyeball to show that he’s psychic, one of my favorite movie clichés.  I’d like to see a quick-eyeball-zoom on Gary Busey, except it just fades into a family of squirrels playing beach volleyball.  I digress, but join me after the jump, where I’ll spoil both the ending of the Palahniuk story and the pool scene in the movie.  But if you honestly care about me spoiling The Final Destination, I hate you and I hope you die.

In Palahniuk’s “Guts,” the protagonist eventually has to gnaw through his own poop-filled innards in order to free himself from the drain and keep from drowning.  In TFD, as per Wikipedia:  “[character name] Hunt Wynorski: friend with Nick, Lori and previously dated with Janet. He is somewhat insensitive and loves violence. He follows Nick out the stadium to yell at him for ruining his game. His intestines are violently sucked out of his bottom by a pool drainage system. He is the sixth one to die.”

So they end differently.  But I don’t doubt for a second The Final Destination writers got their idea from Palahniuk, though I doubt they were trying to be secretive about it.  The best part is that they basically stole the joke and left out the punchline.  I guess you could say The Final Destination is like a Chuck Palahniuk story with the guts sucked out.  *softshoes off stage twirling hands in circles*

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