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12.09.08 67 Comments

Diddy is constantly running his stupid mouth despite the fact that he’s never said anything interesting in his entire life. His latest fixation is campaigning to be the first black James Bond, to whom I would no doubt refer as “Lebron James Bond.”  It’s also “rumored” that Diddy even spent $750K on an audition tape (video of that below).

“I know in [MI6] they have some black agents,” Diddy said at New York’s London Hotel. “I know there’s some black people that can save the world. White people aren’t the only people that can save the world. My variation, I would come from the New York agency. I would actually be working with James Bond. And he would get kidnapped, and I would have to come get him and save the day. It’s a natural thing. It’s organic. I think it would be a tragedy for the next James Bond not to be black, and I think the next Superman should be black. We are like the coolest creatures on the face of the Earth.” [MTV]

Yes, black people can do anything white people can do*, that’s why we elected one.  You’re still an idiot.     And why do you want a black James Bond when you’ve already got Black Dynamite, who’s 10 times cooler?  As for a black Superman, well, most black dudes I know tend to wear boxers, and I think we can all agree that wearing boxer shorts on the outside of your blue spandex leotard would just look stupid.

*exceptions: fox hunting, waterpolo

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