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11.02.09 22 Comments

When I heard Diora Baird was playing an Orion Slave Girl in Star Trek, I was rightly tumescent, because Diora Baird’s breasts are made from the laughter of children and that mixture of maple syrup and melted butter that dribbles down the side of your pancakes.  Then the movie came out and deflated my wiener with the one-two punch of the lack of beautiful Baird breasts and Zachary Quinto’s intrusive eyebrows.  Today, we can finally see the Diora Baird scene that didn’t make the movie.  And it’s… an even bigger disappointment than her not being in the movie, somehow.  Dear JJ Abrams: you hired Diora Baird for your movie and you kept her fully clothed?  You’re worse than Stalin.  You’re like Hitler, if Hitler had promised the Jews ice cream before he gassed them, and then kicked a puppy.  Yours in undying hatred, Vince.

I also like how the scene involves Kirk apologizing to an Orion Slave Girl for using her.  Dude, she’s a slave girl. It’s in the title.  You don’t have to treat them like Dilythian Equality Womyn.

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