Disney releases Daft Punk’s Tron song, announces Tron Night

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10.12.10 25 Comments

Disney has released a picture of Daft Punk all Tron‘d out, plus 90 seconds of “The Game Has Changed”, their new track from the film’s score. I apologize for not being on top of this sooner, it’s just that the only thing I care less about than Tron is French electronic music.  Relax, relax, I know the rest of you nerds love this stuff, so I’m doing my best to keep an open mind.  I admit that the song is fun.  It sounds kind of like if the (*BRAAAAAAAHMs*) from Inception had sex with the THWACK THWACK THWACK TH-TH-THWACKs from the old Terminator teaser and then they both rode off together on a farty motorbike.

There.  You got me to talk about Tron and Daft Punk.  Happy now?  Good. But I swear to God, the first person who so much as thinks the word “steampunk” is getting stuffed in a locker.


Oh right — also, the studio is doing a “Tron night” thing like they did with Avatar at the end of the month, where you can watch 20 minutes of the film in IMAX 3D. It’s already sold out in California, but I’m booking my flight to Missouri because I love previews.

[via Screenjunkies]

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