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08.07.08 30 Comments

John Grisham’s bestseller Playing for Pizza has been optioned by Phoenix Pictures and is being adapted into a feature film.  For a director, the obvious choice was Adam Shankman, whose resume includes:

Cheaper by the Dozen 2
The Pacifier
Bringing Down the House
A Walk to Remember
The Wedding Planner

And he’s currently hard at work shooting an Adam Sandler movie, which I’m sure will be awesome.

"Pizza" revolves around a veteran NFL quarterback who winds up on a semi-pro team in Italy after blowing his last chance to lead a team to the Super Bowl. 

Get it?  Playing for Pizza?  Because he’s in Italy?  It sounds like my script about the hooker who moves to Mexico, Bobbing for Guacamole.

"We want to make this grittier than the book, a cross between ‘North Dallas Forty’ and ‘Jerry Maguire,’ about a character who fails in the public eye, goes into survival mode as a result and then learns through a series of events that he doesn’t have to be Tony Romo to be a success as a man," Shankman said. [Variety]

Thank God there’s a quarterback dating Jessica Simpson or else this guy would’ve been completely stumped.  There’s no other profession where someone could fail as consistently as this guy and still get work.  Retarded people have been fired for being less bad at their job than this.

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