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07.28.09 14 Comments

Due Date already reteams director Todd Phillips (Old School, The Hangover) with Zach Galifianakis (who recently revealed that his real name is Chad Farthouse), which was more than enough to chub my anticipation boner, but now that Robert Downey Jr. has been announced as his co-star, they’re practically stroking it through my sweatpants.

Downey will play an expectant father on a road trip with a mismatched partner, racing to get to the birth of his first child.  Galifianakis, who delivered a breakout performance this summer in the Phillips-directed comedy “The Hangover,” will play Downey’s road trip mate in a comedy that Phillips calls “a buddy comedy without the buddies.” [Variety]

No one in The Hangover did a bad job, and Todd Phillips is one of the best comedy directors around, but Zach Galifianakis carried the entire movie.  Much like Downey did in Iron Man (seriously, imagine that movie without him: the richest, coolest guy in the world sort of falls for Gwyneth Paltrow?  WOOF.).  So will them together be the best thing ever, or will their respective awesomeness clash somehow?  It sounds like a good idea to me, but then I think you can never have too much of a good thing, which is why I always order my bacon ice cream with a side of explosions and porn.

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