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FirstShowing interviewed the writers of Zombieland, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.  One of the projects they are trying to get greenlit is Earth vs. Moon, “a big, epic, sci-fi war movie”.  They say the script was inspired by a Stephen Hawking speech about the need to colonize space as a back-up plan for humanity.

Wernick describes it as a “hardcore, 300-style [Ed.- so hot right now *cuts self*] movie with some comic relief to it, but about the Earth and a colony on the moon essentially in a civil war.”
Reese explains that it’s “set about 300 or 400 years in the future [….] It’s about two societies at war, but it’s also about a family, not at war, but a fractured family. Half of them have gone to the moon and the other half are still on Earth and so they are on opposite sides of this conflict and we wanted to make sure that as big of movie as it’s going to be, it works on a small level.”

Did they manage to hit all the pitch meeting buzzwords there?  Hardcore, “300-style”, comic relief, space, civil war, future, family, etc.  Wait guys, you forgot to mention the zombies and the vampires.  Be sure to mention this is like Die Hard in space with zombie vampires.

They want $200 million to make the film and they want Will Smith to star and even named the lead character Will “in hopes of grabbing his attention”. If they really want to grab his attention, have the character punch somebody and say, “Welcome to Earf.” It sounds like they’re trying to make Heinlein’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” but not pay royalties for it.  Which means these two are bound for great success in Hollywood.

~ robopanda [banner picture source]

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