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(Just look at Siskel and tell me that dude wasn’t giving out mad mustache rides)

Roger Ebert lost his voice to salivary-gland cancer in 2006 (yet Tyra Banks continues to speak — thanks, God), but thanks to a Scottish company called CereProc, he now has a computer program that can speak what he types in his own voice.  You can read Ebert’s own rundown of the process here, but the gist is that they created an automated voice program using his commentary tracks from old DVDs.

The new voice, which Ebert calls “Roger Jr.,” will be heard predicting Oscar winners on a segment of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” airing Tuesday.

“Yes, ‘Roger Jr.’ needs to be smoother in tone and steadier in pacing, but the little rascal is good,” Ebert wrote. “To hear him coming from my own computer made me ridiculously happy.” [Yahoo]

Cool story, but honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is.  If you had the choice of any voice in the world, would you really choose your own?  I’d much rather see Roger Ebert vs. Stephen Hawking in a Yo Mama-joke battle using the voices of James Earl Jones and Don LaFontaine.  Hell, I can talk perfectly fine, and I’d still like to have the Iron-Man voice from Black Sabbath available for when I order Chinese food.  Iiii want mooo goo gai paaaan….

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