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06.18.08 55 Comments

This is a photo of the three-ton Eddie Murphy head that’s currently being pulled from Los Angeles to New York City by a gas-guzzling truck, most likely driven by a meth-guzzling truck driver.   This enormous waste of resources is a promotion for the enormous waste of celluloid known as Meet Dave, Murphy’s most ill-advised career move since Pluto Nash. Says DeadlineHollywoodDaily:

A studio source emailed me, "Yeah, but it’s a lot cheaper and greener than flying Eddie around on a private jet for a press tour." 

Hey, you know what else is cheap and green?  Flubber.  And, it’s more entertaining than this movie.  You can use it to make fart sounds!  Oh my God, I will never get tired of this!  Eww, mom, gross!

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