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(“Movie of the year,” raves Schadenfreude Sloth)

The Hangover and Up spent a second weekend at the number one and two spots this weekend, while the aggressively mediocre Taking of Pelham 123 debuted at number three, and Eddie Murphy’s Imagine That opened at number six, earning just $5.7 million even though it opened on 3,000+ screens.  As Schadenfreude Sloth reminds me, that’s Eddie’s second bomb in a row after Meet Dave.

The Hangover and Up both held well, with the Hangover dropping only 26% in its second weekend and Up declining 31% in its third.  Compare that with Land of the Lost‘s 51% drop and you wonder if maybe studios will stop trying to market everything to kids.  Or in the case of Eddie Murphy, maybe stop trying to make the same  movie over and over again, including twice in the same year once with Eddie Murphy and once with Adam Sandler.  But don’t count on it.  They’ll probably just try to recoup their expenses with Imagine That 3D.  This time with a “more mainstream” plot. (top 10 after the jump)

  1. The Hangover, $33.4 ($105.4)
  2. Up, $30.5 ($187.2)
  3. Taking of Pelham 123, $25
  4. Night at the Museum 2, $9.6 ($143.4)
  5. Land of the Lost, $9.2 ($35)
  6. Imagine That, $5.7
  7. Star Trek, $5.6 ($232)
  8. Terminator Salvation, $4.6 ($113.8)
  9. Angels & Demons, $4.2 ($123.3)
  10. Drag Me to Hell, $3.9 ($35.1)

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