Eddie Murphy writing The Fatties Fart 3

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05.18.10 9 Comments

When a sequel makes less than its predecessor, it’s generally a pretty good indication that the public doesn’t care about that franchise anymore.  Even the crappiest sequels make more than the original (see X Men 3, The Matrix sequels), after all, they’ve basically already had a two-hour trailer and a few years to penetrate the public consciousness like your mom in a bathroom stall during a Jets game.  On that note, The Nutty Professor grossed $273 million in ’96, its sequel did $161 million in 2000, and now Eddie Murphy says he’s writing a third one.

“You know what, there might be another ‘Nutty Professor,’” Eddie Murphy told Access Hollywood‘s Shaun Robinson at the LA premiere of “Shrek Forever After” on Sunday, breaking the news of the possible sequel’s latest development. “We kind of wrote something that might be kind of funny.”
Whether or not the film hits theaters, he added, depends on just how funny it is.
“If the studios want to do it, we’ll do it,” he told Shaun. “If you don’t see it, the studio was like, ‘This isn’t funny.’” [AccessHollywood]

I don’t know, that didn’t seem to stop them with your last 12 movies.  I think they should just get Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and Tyler Perry together and have them remake Sex and the City in drag and fat suits.  Remember I said that.  If they make that they owe me a million dollars.

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