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01.20.10 32 Comments

Have you ever wished your favorite movie had a rousing, 80s-style anthem with the title in the chorus?  Or that a mediocre movie you can sort of remember seeing on cable once when you were high had one?  Depending on how high you are right now, that’s what the group .357 Lover here has done here with Event Horizon.  Their attention to the tenets of the genre is impeccable, including an overweight singer who uses his long hair and beard to compensate for a receding hairline.  Personally, I use my impeccable hairline to compensate for my inability grow a beard and love of sweatpants.

Pay special attention to the epic guitar solo starting at 1:44 and the reaction shots of the band wondering when the hell he’s going to finish his solo at 2:07.  That’s what eventually broke up Hall & Oates.

[via ToplessRobot]

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