Exclusive Deleted Scene from Black Swan & Morning Links

12.21.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Our video editor Oliver dug up this deleted scene from Black Swan.  It’s the one after the lesbian one with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.  This one has a dog.


  • Why “Schwartzenegger Vs. EMA” Proves That Parents Are The Weak Link. |Uproxx|
  • Warming Glow picks the best shows of 2010.  No cake shows? Bullsh*t. |WarmingGlow|
  • Conan Show Redesigns DC’s Superheroines |GammaSquad|
  • Polish youth soccer fans are insane.  I’m still waiting to hear that this video was viral marketing. |WithLeather|

Picture via RobotinDisguise

  • Guy outside bar keeps daring bouncer to shove him into a gutter.  Bouncer oblige. Like 8 times in a row. KNOCK HIM DOWN MORE. |TheDailyWhat|
  • VIDEO: Guy Pre-Games By Pˆle Grenade,’ Films it For the Internet. |BroBible|
  • 21 breakout stars of 2010.  Boom. |NextMovie|
  • 25 completely preposterous pictures of Flavor Flav. |HolyTaco|
  • SUPERCUT: Women in labor. No, not women working, women sitting on their fat asses and having babies. |Screenjunkies|
  • Grandma Reads 50 Cent’s Tweets. |Buzzfeed|
  • Five Christmas movies to avoid like the plague. Hey, what about that one with Gandolfini? |Fark|
  • Jessica Canizales is good and smashing her boobs together. |GorillaMask|
  • The Robot Chicken Christmas special. |AdultSwim|

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