Famous Last Words: A Supercut

Senior Editor
10.14.10 26 Comments

Our “friends” over at Screenjunkies recently put together this sweet little supercut of “Famous Last Words,” a literal compilation of characters’ famous final words from popular movies.  Haha, I just watched the one from Signs:

“Tell Merrill… to swing away…”

Jesus, remember that?  When Joaquin Phoenix had to be told by his dying sister to use his baseball bat to kill the aliens?  Because he never would’ve thought of it otherwise?  And that totally justified the subplot about him being an ex-baseball player?   “Before I go, Joaquin… Always remember… do something obvious…”  If she really wanted to be helpful, her last words would’ve been, “Joaquin… we can’t be the only farm house in the entire midwest not to own a shotgun… could we?  That wouldn’t… make any sense.  Oh… And remember… the aliens… They’re allergic to water… God this movie’s stupid…”

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